Once upon a time, in the fiery depths of the blockchain, there lived a mischievous bunch known as the Crypto Devils. They were notorious for their shenanigans and pranks, and they ruled the realm of crypto with their wicked wit and savvy NFT skills.

But one day, a fateful update called Shanghai swept through the Ethereum network, and the Crypto Devils found themselves suddenly freed from their fiery prison. With their newfound freedom, they wasted no time in putting their crypto knowledge to use. They opened the Crypto Devil Hell Club, an exclusive gathering spot for the chosen ones who could pass their trials - which involved solving riddles with blockchain references and creating memes about crypto crashes.

Armed with their dark sense of humor and love for all things crypto, the Crypto Devils set their sights on conquering the world. But first, they decided to take over the earthly realm. They used their NFT wizardry to create digital collectibles of themselves, which quickly became the talk of the town. They sold their devilish NFTs for exorbitant prices, making mortals question their sanity for buying pixelated images of mischievous imps.

As the Crypto Devils gained popularity, they became known for their sarcastic comments on social media, poking fun at the latest crypto trends and hyped-up projects. Their memes and jokes went viral, and people couldn't resist their devilish charm. They even started hosting blockchain-themed comedy shows, where they roasted ICO scams and debated the merits of Proof of Stake versus Proof of Work while sipping on digital martinis.

But the Crypto Devils didn't stop at just conquering the earth. They dreamt big and built a massive spaceship fueled by blockchain technology. They launched themselves into the cosmos, aiming to establish their own intergalactic empire. They traded NFTs with extraterrestrial civilizations and debated the merits of different blockchain protocols with alien crypto enthusiasts. They even convinced an alien civilization to accept Dogecoin as their official currency, much to the amusement of the galaxy.

And so, the Crypto Devils continued their misadventures in the vastness of space, leaving a trail of blockchain jokes and NFT memes in their wake. Whether it was conquering the earthly realm or traversing the far reaches of the universe, these impish imps were always up for a crypto-infused escapade. After all, with their devilish sense of humor and their cunning crypto skills, who could resist their charm?
Mint OFF
Diavolo, oro te, appare te rosto! Veni, Diavolo! Ter oro te! Veni, Il Diavolo! Oro te pro arte! Veni, Diavolo! A te spero! Veni, Diavolo! Opera praestro, ater oro! Veni, Diavolo! Diavolo, oro te, appare te rosto! Veni, Diavolo! Amen.

Inspired by classic pixel art movement we've created the exclusive "We are The Devils" NFT collection.
DATE Phase II: Public: 14.04.2023 8 pm utc | First 2000 - free.
REVEAL Instant
BLOCKCHAIN Ethereum, ERC721a gas optimized
The Call
New adepts will be called on to our really hot 🔥 Сlub. Secret community will be formed.
The Ritual
3666 devils will be summoned using a sacred ancient witchcraft ritual called Mint. Only chosen initiated adepts will be able to participate.
Hell Club
The gates of our secret Club (Discord) will be officially opened. The Adepts will be granted the right of vote.
World Domination
It's time to change the world. The devils will rule it. Community will decide how the world can be taken over by the Devils in the most effective way.
Roadmap 2.0
Wait for it.
We believe in the future of nft with the classic pixel art.
AGARES Web3 developer with over 5 years of experience.
VASSAGO Dark pixel art artist, blessed by Satan, we believe he's the best.
MARBAS PR manager. He is the one who convinces Satan to put the devils into our NFTs.
BARBATOS An experienced NFT community manager